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Horn Eyeglasses Material

Horn Eyewear Glasses are 100% Organic

Horn material is made out of 100% keratin, it is natural and has been used in production of fashion goods for thousands of years.

It's natural abilities made it very practical for buttons, combs, table ware and eyeglasses. Horn is very durable, it is stronger than steel and is flexible to bending under high temperatures. It is ideal natural material for eyeglasses also because it does not require any painting, glossing or chemical treatment. While metals and acetate are also natural, most of the time when used for eyeglasses they undergo many steps of chemical treatment. Horn eyeglasses are organic because Tibetan animals feed only from either wild fields or eat organic food.

If you have any kind of allergies or just don't want your face to come in contact with non-natural materials, Horn Eyewear is perfect choice. Horn eyeglasses are 100% organic.

Horn is very durable and does not wear off as fast as other materials. In fact, it only becomes better with time. It does not develop patina, does not rust or disintegrate. It does not change shape. Most of metal and acetate eyeglasses will crystallize and break after 10-20 years of wear. Horn, unless broken by force, will last for a lifetime. With time it will become shinier and only look better than new.

Horn eyeglasses can be adjusted in a similar manner as acetate eyeglasses. They will however not expand due to your body heat and will retain shape much longer than acetate or metal eyeglasses.

Horn Eyewear is animal friendly. 

Horn is a by-product of food industry. Our horn comes from either buffalo or from sheep of Tibet. Tibetan livestock production operates in traditional fashion, just like hundreds of years ago. All animals are kept in the unfenced, wild fields with unlimited room to run and flourish. In the mating seasons animals are left alone and there is no human intervention Horn is taken after animal has been put down for food. Buffalo and sheep are not grown or killed for their horns.

Tibet, the highest land on earth, is one of the most ecologically clean areas in the world. The air is fresh and there are no factories. Cars are not common, so local people rely on horses and bikes to move. When it comes to animal treatment, Tibetans who are highly spiritual people, treat animals with respect, care and appreciation. Horn Eyewear material is not only clean and organic, but also ethical.